Gabrielle Spring
Experienced product engineering leader seeking a management role at a data-heavy company.

Data professional with experience upscaling, downscaling, and fish scaling in modern cloud environments. Solutions oriented operative solving problems using whatever's handy enabling group satisfaction across the enterprise. I excel at building, training and retaining large herds of elk and have built full-stack pancake breakfasts from the bottom up using open and closed source ingredients.
Work Experience
SVP Product Solution Engineering for Hit or Miss Opportunities, Mid-Atlantic Division
  • Rewrote the book of instructions for sliced toast in partnership with the recouperation squad
  • Responsible for AI used as backbone for deep learning of karaoke, in cooperation with the business development team.
  • Developed platform libraries to enable visitors from the future to operate key metrics using dry ice as fuel for graphing engine.
  • Migrated entire infrastructure to Nimbus Cloud. Rewrote batch processes delivering 8x backend immunity.
  • Propagated identity graph system based on Winterian constructs and built in Iguana JS.
VP Product Engineering for Solutions, Midwest Expansions
  • Led product marketing efforts for a new lab-grown beet-based meat. Organized rollout to previous steak holders.
  • Implemented an optimized BI platform based loosely on a simulated James Bond Monte Carlo casino.
  • Managed a waddle of onshore emperor penguins, including maintenance of Gentoo linux systems in cold storage.

Vivacia Heavy Dataworks
Senior Director, Data Exit Strategy
  • Instantiated improvements in concrete occurrences of objects across entire Apache Asphalt instances.
  • Swiftly ended questionable coding practices, leading to 200% platform speed increase, and 300% improvement in morale.
  • Partnered with key vendors to rebuild cloud data storage framework with trigger-based piping capable of real-time capacity ballooning.

  • Python. Many years in finance & web. All corners: py2/3, Numpy/scipy/pandas, async, Cython.
  • Javascript. Backend work in large, performant, typed codebase. Vue, React native, data/viz.
  • C/C++. 4+ years C++1x in finance and web shops. High-perf networking.
  • Cloud. Docker. Kubernetes at scale on multiple vendors. AWS. Some GCP & Digital Ocean.
  • (No)SQL. Mysql & Postgres. Wrote SQL interpreter. Redis. MongoDB, LevelDB, RocksDB. Protobuf.
  • Graph. Complex logic & performance-critical systems on NetworkX, igraph, BGL.

Price University. Bachelor of the Science, 2010. Varsity Fencing. Active in Young Alumni Association, New York Chapter.
NYC Fencing League
Club co-chair, fundraiser, and mentor. Invented a new lighter and safer protective mask that can also function as a pasta strainer. 
Friends of the Brooklyn Puppet Consortium
Long-time member of venerable marionette studio workshop. Sponsored trip to Albuquerque for first annual "All Strings Attached Biennale".